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After 15 years of trouble-free sailing, a small overhaul of the driveline.
Last weekend during a sailing day, 1 gear set of the SB azimuth thruster started to make too much noise.

Now both Azimuth Thrusters equipped with a new gear set. This time steel gears instead of brass (stock of brass gears ran out).

I am happy that I have made the design of the Azimuth Thrusters in such a way that I can dismantle everything and always replace the bearings and gears.
I can also precisely adjust the gears with an adjustment system.

I also dismantled the Controlled Pitch Propeller. Completely cleaned from the inside and outside and new grease inside.
After 15 years of sailing, only 1 propeller blade shows slight wear on the blade base.

Now only reset the channel, the thrusters react a little too quickly to the commands. As you can see on the video, the speed controllers (on and off) are mixed with the position of the adjustable screw. The position of the azimuth thruster is also mixed with the position of the rudder. The Azimuth thrusters can also be controlled separately, whereby they rotate 360 ​​degrees.

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