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Azimut 55S MY2016

Cruising is like changing skin: your body seeks new, more relaxed positions; your feet regain their freedom; your hands seek a new grip; even your vocabulary changes, as you revert to the path of the sun and the position of the stars as your points of reference.
The eyes have no boundaries; you look at the world through the transparency of the waves, and time becomes pure, exclusively yours, making you rediscover the sweetness of living. Immersed in the most authentic Italian style and craftsmanship, assisted by top-performing technology for extraordinary nautical prowess and comfort, these authentic jewels are a veritable haven offshore, guiding us to a new emotional geography, where the sea meets the sky.

The S Collection blends a sporty look with elegance thanks to innovative high-tech solutions and high performance materials for desirable, technological yachts. The stylistic high point of the collection is the dynamic bow cap while aboard, the huge open spaces create a sense of constant dialogue between the interior and exterior for unrivalled comfort and luxury.

Azimut 55S “in the wake of innovation”
The sleek profi le suggest this yacht can take you far in little time and features large windows that fl ood the inside with light. Triple IPS propulsion, carbon fi bre structural components and style details that both surprise and offer an unparalleled cruising experience.

More info: https://sales.theitalianyachts.it/boat/boat-id/b8e1f888-21c5-408a-93aa-998570fcc47a/

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