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Every wonder what it’s like walking around on an eight-figure yacht? We had an opportunity to do that when we put a quick video together for a friend.

The Azimut Grande 35 is the largest of the Azimut line and it is grand and luxurious. It’s easy to imagine taking a family and sailing around the world in comfort.

Some interesting facts about the video: 1) we wanted to do it quick so we filmed it mostly with an iPhone, 2) we needed a model so we recruited Isabella to be in the video. Now she’s a yacht model. 😉 3) it was filmed in Porto Montenegro, which is our favorite marina and the marina of the year this year, 4) it took more time to find the music than shooting the video, 5) the yacht is only a year old and like new, but the owner is already buying a bigger one. Seems like this might be a good deal for someone.

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