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Building Luxury Expedition Yachts. Bering Shipyard specializes on building yachts out of steel such as Classic Trawlers, Expedition and Exploration yachts ranging in size from 50’ to 150’. Bering Shipyard is located in Antalya since 2007. This place attracts together the leading shipyards from all over the world. During this time we built 13 yachts including classic trawlers, expedition and exploration yachts with Bering brand on board. All our models are steel semi-custom yachts. If you have a desire to build your own steel semi-custom yacht you can plan a visit to Bering Shipyard, have a sea-trial on the yacht, test drive a yacht, choose a model and find out all the details about your future steel luxury yacht. Bering also can perform a refit – paint the hull, check the engines, make new interior design of your current steel boat. If you are the owner of a Bering yacht means that you have steel boat that can lead you into ocean yachting and will let you feel excellent handling, unlimited range, big payload capacity and ultimate comfort.

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