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The famous Boatshow company visited the Bering Shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, interviewed the President of the shipyard Alexey Mikhailov, performed the boat tests and tried to find out the secrets of construction process.
Alexey Mikhailov revealed the true story of Bering Yachts company from the beginning and till nowadays. He talked about the philosophy of the brand, about the things that are most important for the company and about how important it is to build the relationships with every client.
Our guests from Boatshow were able to see the process of building each of the 6 hulls that are now under construction. Also they performed the boat test of Bering 70 and superyacht Tender, model of Hysucat RIB 28.
We are happy to present you the video that will help to learn more about the Bering Yachts company.

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