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The first of another great video series of restoring a 1999 Carver 356 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht. This is the first video where we do a quick walkthrough and tour the boat in it’s current condition.

You can find our video’s from the 1978 Carver Mariner 3396 here:
Episode 1: I bought a boat for $1 – https://youtu.be/gbBmCIINtxQ
Episode 2: Removing bottom paint and hull repairs – https://youtu.be/fbB5tJnGZP0
Episode 3: Fixing the Engines – https://youtu.be/0fPE-w0dlus
Episode 4: Bottom Painting – https://youtu.be/uXwYngSEfvg
Episode 5: Launching the Boat – https://youtu.be/uXw6MBrLi2A
Episode 6: How Much $$$ to Restore – https://youtu.be/itqfPPO87Yo


Music used and references:
Music: Catch Up – Dan Lebowitz, www.bensound.com
Going Higher, www.bensound.com
A New Beginning, www.bensound.com

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