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14-Foot Chris Craft Design Boat

Founded by Christopher Columbus Smith around the 1920s, Chris Craft Co. still stands as a leader in producing high-powered, luxurious leisure boats. 

The inspired 14-feet Chris Craft style boat surely gets you noticed immediately. The hull is made of western red cedar, beech, and white pine. It’s then encapsulated in a layer of fiberglass for extra strength. Install the engine and accessories and you are on your way to creating a big impression. 

This boat was completely handcrafted and takes about 700 hours to build. We aim at recreating the past while using the best materials and technology available today to offer you an experience like no other. We leave nothing to chance.

Note: Delivery of this boat will take about 30-60 days. 


– Traditional built using western red cedar planks and encapsulated in fiberglass for extra strength 

– Beech trim, beech gunwale 

– Faux leather seatings 

– Multiple coats of varnishes to create a mirror look 

– Transom height: 18 inches 

– Dimensions:

14.5 feet x 5.9 feet W x 29.5 Inches Height 

– Hull weight: 595lbs 

– Capacity: 5 People 

– Horse Power Rating: 50    

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