Home » 1968 Chris Craft 427 (Ford) Engine After A Much Needed Valve Job

One day, my port 427 started smoking, was low on power, and not idling well. The smoke was obviously from burning oil. But the engine only has 750 hours on it, which is equivalent to roughly 45k miles. A compression test revealed ~160psi in six cylinders, but #1 and #6 were ZERO! I pulled the intake manifold and found two bent intake push rods. Those two intake valves weren’t opening, which was sucking oil past the valve seals and/or oil control rings. I pulled the heads and found the valves were gummed up. Not surprisingly, cylinders 1 and 6 were the worst. I gave the heads a valve job, installed new seals, and put it all back together. The engine sounds better now that it has in years!
See my site for the boat at https://sites.google.com/site/1968chriscraftcommander42/home

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