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This 1941, 19’ Chris-Craft Barrelback runabout arrived for a comprehensive preservation. She will be show-ready by late next spring, assuming all goes according to plan.
She had been stored in raw-wood condition as you see her for 30 years before she arrived at Snake Mountain Boatworks late last week. Her wooden hull was dreadfully dry, about 6%.
Our first issue is raising the moisture content into the 20% Range, which we have addressed by placing her into the showroom and running three “whole-house” humidifiers 24 hours daily. Happily, the hull’s moisture content was 25%+ this morning.
Don Danenberg recommends raising moisture content by wetting the hull down with a garden hose and then wrapping it in inexpensive, filmy drop clothes. He is referring to hulls that have recently been stripped of their finishes, or are re-planked.
That 30 years is anything but recent, we were uncomfortable soaking the wood deeply and quickly. The slow, humidifier, alternative is achieving our goal gradually.
She will enter the shop in about a month, at which time we will roll her and focus first on her bottom. Despite her inner bottom plywood skin, which suggests that some sort of a no-leak bottom has been installed at some time, there are large gaps between many of her bottom planks. These must be addressed ahead of the balance of her hull.
Her owner retains her original engine, gauges, seating and hardware, all of which he will be bringing to us before snow flies.

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