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Pershing 28m 9X
With a fusion of technology and luxury design that is nothing short of awe-inspiring, the sporty and aerodynamic Pershing 9X is the second member of the X generation and, without a doubt, a cutting edge nautical masterpiece. Due to the sophisticated design, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Pershing was a yacht designed for relaxed cruising, but it is most certainly a vessel that begs to make full use of her impressive speed.

The interior boasts stylish and modern decor that uses pieces from some of the best Italian designers and fuses a playful mix of colors, textures, and materials. Light wood flooring, dark enamel and leathers, and fiddle back wood all provide hues that come together to create a living environment that is simply full of style and panache. However, all that modern and suave design belies a vessel that is capable of breathtaking top speeds and stunning performance.

More information can be found here: https://www.navisyachts.com/202008181081/navis-august-/-september-2020/pershing-28m-9x.html

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