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Welcome to a unique visit to the fantastic Pershing 140. Enter this exclusive yacht and enjoy its beauty together with our supermodels.
The enthralling and instantly recognizable features of the Ferretti brand combined with superb performance and outstanding yacht design innovations make Pershing 140 a trailblazing trendsetter in nautical terms. Promising to be the ‘ultimate expression of the Pershing thrill’, Pershing 140 is the collaborative result of the Ferretti Group and architect Fulvio De Simoni and is the first aluminum superyacht in the brand’s 30-year history.

The mega-yacht measures over 40 meters in length, is the brand’s flagship, and the first of their fleet to be built at the Ancona shipyard in Italy. De Simoni states that “a consistent, harmonious evolution, always in line with an unfailingly original approach to yachting, endows the Pershing 140 with an unprecedented style.” The team’s efforts have produced a spectacular superyacht that is emblematic. Packed with features, high spec technology, and offering maximum social spaces for luxury on the water experience.

When first setting eyes on the sporty and aggressive lines of this innovative superyacht, is almost impossible to suppress a ripple of excitement. It is no easy feat to embody, svelte sleekness and bold sporty power with innovative style and technology, and combine them into a luxury performance sailing craft. But somehow, Pershing 140 manages to encapsulate it all with a seemingly effortless grace that almost borders on defiance.

Find more information in NAVIS Magazine edition #58, click here: https://www.navisyachts.com/202102081234/navis-february-/-march-2021/pershing-43m-pershing-140.html

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