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Since 2009, PRESTIGE yachts powered by CUMMINS have been equipped with a joystick control system. Ergonomic and easy to use, the joystick offers full control for all your manoeuvres in the marina.

No need to worry anymore about the direction of the currents and the wind when approaching the harbour. With the introduction of this system, driving our yachts is greatly facilitated. With just one hand, the captain has full control: lateral manoeuvres, precise speed control, tight turns…



A horizon that spans the globe. Created over 20 years ago, Prestige is now an internationally recognized brand, present on four continents through a network of specialized dealers trained by the shipyard. Whether on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, the Andaman Sea, the Tasmanian Sea or the Coral Sea, Prestige is an established brand. Worldwide, 2,500 Prestige owners share our values.

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Le monde pour horizon
Créée depuis plus de 20 ans, Prestige est aujourd’hui une marque internationale, présente sur quatre continents à travers un réseau de concessionnaires spécialisés, formés par le chantier. Dans la Baltique, la Méditerranée, la mer Égée, l’Océan Atlantique, l’océan Indien, la mer de Chine ou d’Adaman, de Tasmanie ou de Corail, Prestige est implanté dans le monde entier. 2500 propriétaires dans le Monde partagent ses valeurs.

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