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Inside The $10 Million Princess x95 Superyacht

When Princess X95’s performances were presented at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2018, in a top secret room with no phones or notepads permitted, opinions were divided. Yes, it’s been different. Yes, the internal volume reached by the British shipbuilder was excellent. But it wasn’t so pretty. It wasn’t really the princess. However, that was exactly the point. Although X95 shares a structure with the more classic Y95, it was planned to compete not only with other 30-metre yachts on the market, but also with Princess’ current line of semi-custom formats.

This was a princess looking forward to the future. Pushing the limits of what it could do, what a 30 meter yacht could be and, in the process, shoring up a good commercial outlook for this heritage yard. And, with the first one entering the water earlier this year, the skeptics finally had a chance to really examine what the X95 had to offer. The Princess X95 gives the opportunity to experience an entirely new concept in yacht design, completely rethinking yacht architecture, putting your luxury living at the helm.

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