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Three months after the crisis of the Storm King’s magic, Twilight Sparkle prepares another break for her friends on the yacht. With no magic causing the same problems they had during their Spring Break, their next yacht experience is what their last one should’ve been. Princess Twilight who made a lot of friends last summer has little to do during the summer season. She also notice she didn’t have a lot of time with her human counterpart when she entered Equestria from a different portal. Luckily for her Sunset Shimmer reminds her she’s going on another cruise and ask her if she’s interested into coming with. Princess Twilight agrees since it’s one of the things she wants to do in order to know her counterpart especially she can discuss her times on the beach with her new friends.

Chapter Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/435707/12/princess-twilights-yacht-vacation/applejacks-seasick-problem

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