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At Princess, we place sustainability at the heart of what we do. Since 2017 we have banned single use plastic at all of our events and at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival and Southampton Boat Show we are featuring an installation from over 500 littered plastic water bottles.

This unique and beautiful coral installation is an expression of our focus and commitment to marine conservation and to encourage our visitors to think differently. In this case, to give a single-use plastic object a second life. Through art we can learn to perceive the world in a new way and we are proud to have worked with artist, Misael del Rosario, to raise greater awareness on this topic.
The plastic used to create this piece is 100% recycled. A total of 523 bottles have been collected from beaches, restaurants, oceans and sports facilities and have been handcrafted in order to achieve minimum environmental impact. An installation like this invites the viewer to “reflect” and helps generate the necessary global dialogue that plastics are a very serious problem for our oceans and for our environment.

Proud supporters of Marine Conservation Society and MarineShift360

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