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BRAND NEW 88 new SportFly
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This blaze of brilliant style, this irresistible thunderbolt, is ready to seduce owners and devotees of the Riva legend around the world.
Riva 88′ Folgore is the new sportfly with a difference: potent and revolutionary with an almost sci-fi beauty, this is a yacht that is made to dazzle.
The magnetic allure of her design is all in the harmony between past and present, in the concept that unites innovative materials like carbon with traditional stylish features from mahogany inlay to decorative steel.
Like all the masterpieces in Riva’s recent history, the 88′ Folgore is a product of the partnership between Officina Italiana Design (the studio founded by Mauro Micheli with Sergio Beretta), the Product Strategy Committee headed by Piero Ferrari, and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.

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