Home » Rescuing No Regrets II – 65′ SeaRay Powerboat in Bay Port Yachting Centre, Georgian Bay

The wind kicked up to 35 knots/hour (65 km/h) so Pete rushed to close up while I was cooking dinner. Thank goodness he happened to be in the sundeck when he noticed No Regrets II at a 45° to the dock o the dock with only one boater trying desperately to hold one of the lines. Pete grabbed his coat and ran down our run, across the shore, and up the neighbouring run (in his flip-flops, no less). I whistled as loud as I could to alert neighbours, trying to get their attention. By the time Pete got there, four cleats had ripped out and the boat was holding on by its power cord!!

Lots of boaters helping out … Greg, Frank, Randy, Moira. John and Kyle, our marina managers also took swift action. What a team effort!!

Check out the video to see how it all played out (excuse my brief swearing .. I was pretty tense at the time).

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