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Our DIY solar system on our boat allowed us to live off the grid in Key West for CHEAP! This video gives a breakdown of what our Midnite Solar system consists of.

Our 1999 Sea Ray 480 Sedan Bridge is equipped with a total of 1.4kW of solar power. The renewable energy system consists of the following:

Solar Panels: 4 Silfab Solar SLG-M 350 watt panels
Combined Box: Midnite Solar MNPV6
4 15a breakers: Midnite Solar MNEPV-15
1 60a breaker: Midnite Solar MNEPV-40
MPPT Charge controller: Midnite Solar Classic 150-SL
Current Sensing module: Whiz Bang JR MNWBJR (& 500a shunt)
150 amp breaker: Blue Sea 7148. 187150s-03-1
Inverter Charger: Magnum Energy 3000w MSH-3012M
Inverter remote: Magnum Energy ARC50

The entire solar setup cost about $2400.00 after it was all said and done. (Not including inverter)

Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoy the video!

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Team Wiff is simply our names combined (Will & Tiff). Together we are on a journey to get the most out of our lives, while avoiding being trapped within the societal norm.

What started it all was the idea of living on an affordable boat in Florida for a year. In May 2016 we bought a 51ft Bluewater coastal cruiser which was a powerboat meets houseboat. We lived at several marinas in the Fort Myers area and quickly learned the ins and out of living aboard.

We apparently liked it. Instead of buying a house, we ended up with a Sea Ray 480DB. We think it’s arguably one of the best boats to live aboard. This boat has allowed us to get a taste of the cruising lifestyle, while we’re still working and living aboard full-time, in Fort Myers Beach as well as Key West.

What the future holds… who knows. But you can certainly subscribe & follow us along the way. https://www.youtube.com/teamwiff?sub_confirmation=1

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