Home » Cassette Bessette – Selene’s Boat Cover (Don Macdonald)

All parts performed by Cass Bessette

Audio Engineering: Cass Bessette
Videography: Cass Bessette

Publisher: Hal Leonard (HL00201536)
Composer: Don Macdonald (donmacdonaldmusic.com)
Text: Allison Girvan (allisongirvan.com)


Lifting hopeful eyes
to the darkening sky
I look for signs the moon is nigh.

Finding mountain paths
through the brown-skinned night
I leave the beach so soon I might…

…Reach for the moon.
Harvest the moonlight.
Gather the moonlight.

And I hold Lunar Nectar
in my trembling hand.
Shifting moonlight to pockets,
I make my way back to the strand.

Down the path once more
back onto the sand
to where my boat is trapped on land.

Summoning the bright
Soul of Satellite:
“Speak to the sea! Call in the tide!”

Guided by moon.
Counselled by moon.
Led by the moonlight.
Governed by moonlight.

And I empty my pockets
onto the shore
and the water floods in
where only sand was there before.

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