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Music by Don Macdonald
Poetry by Allison Girvan

Performed by UBC University Singers
Graeme Langager, conductor
Eshantha Peiris, piano

This video was recorded in March 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Safety protocols such as physical distancing and the use of masks made it possible for us to record in person. We are grateful to the University of British Columbia, and the staff of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts and the UBC School of Music for ensuring the safety of our students, and making this opportunity possible during the pandemic.

Will Howie, audio engineer
Mike Southwork & Collide Entertainment, videography
Graeme Langager, video editing

Produced with permission.

Selene’s Boat is published bu Hal Leonard (HL00201536)
For more on Don Macdonald and his music, please visit: donmacdonaldmusic.com

TEXT (by Allison Girvan)

Lifting hopeful eyes
to the darkening sky
I look for signs the moon is nigh.

Finding mountain paths
through the brown-skinned night
I leave the beach so soon I might…

…Reach for the moon.
Harvest the moonlight.
Gather the moonlight.

And I hold Lunar Nectar
in my trembling hand.
Shifting moonlight to pockets,
I make my way back to the strand.

Down the path once more
back onto the sand
to where my boat is trapped on land.

Summoning the bright
Soul of Satellite:
“Speak to the sea! Call in the tide!”

Guided by moon.
Counselled by moon.
Led by the moonlight.
Governed by moonlight.

And I empty my pockets
onto the shore
and the water floods in
where only sand was there before.

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