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Safiery System delivers Silence at Sunrise andSunset for hours at a time. 15,000W Inverter Charger with 20,000Whr Lithium (1600Ah 12V equiv). The batteries are replenished by 2 x 3000W Scotty’s taking power from the engne’s 24V Alternator
Scotty’s running at idle giving 3,500W. Generator is NOT running.
Project managed by Proyacht and installed by Aseamarine.
We have setup the generators on this boat to be remote started by the owner when his wife is on board and he is in the office. He can then see the full electrical power flow on his smart phone. (He can also stop the generator from his phone). Coupled with this is the Gold Online Support Agreement from Safiery giving this customer 24/7 peace of mind as we can see the system running plus diagnostic info also on our smartphones! #victronenergy . #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #sunseeker #Yacht #sunrisemindset #scotty

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