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I’ve been working way to hard lately, so I called up some friends and went out on a top speed run on the 2014 Sunseeker Predator 68. Now you know I love speed, so naturally a normal Predator is not enough for me, so this is a supped up Predator with 3200HP surface drives which push it to 47 knots with ease! This is the FASTEST Sunseeker yacht in the WORLD and no other exists like this. It was also the first in America of any configuration.

So does this mean I’m going to be joining the Sunseeker camp now? Well, I love the design and looks as well as the luxurious interior but I’m missing some big details like the SPACE of the Maestro 82. The crew quarters makes me feel guilty to put the Captain in there since it’s so small. The engine room is also tight. Time will tell which direction I go, so stay tuned!

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