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Join James Lumley from Sunseeker Southampton on a behind the scenes experience of close quarters manoeuvring a brand new Sunseeker 76 flybridge motor yacht. Sunseeker Southampton (a part of the Sunseeker London Group) – 41 offices across 20 countries, we are the largest Sunseeker distributor in the world, covering the majority of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Africa.

I am often asked what yachts are like to handle in close quarters, so took this opportunity to demonstrate how they can be positioned in tight spots, with minimal effort. We have a knowledgable team of training captains, who can take you from novice to expert aboard your own boat, so don’t be put off by the daunting stories of how hard they are to drive!

A yacht such as this is a real proposition for those still wanting to maintain an owner-operator style of boating, with just 2 people onboard. She is equally at home with a full-time professional crew of 3, so the choice is yours!!

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[email protected] / +44 (0) 7747 686 587

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