Built in composite with a cool stepped hull and phenomenal performance, the multifunctional VQ40 offers a world of choice with its inboard and outboard engine models. Whether you deploy as a superior sports cruiser, tender or chase boat, your need for speed will be sated…
The VQ40 is a mighty multifunctional Vanquish model. The large rubber rub rail makes it perfect as a superyacht tender and a chase boat. But most owners see their VQ40 as a superior sports boat with a choice between the inboard and outboard engines. The triple Verado 450R outboards offer a scorching top speed of at least 65 knots, which is more than enough for water-skiing. There’s also a Veloce version with triple Seven Marine 627 hp engines if you’d like to get to your snorkeling destination even faster. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll sure feel the power in one of the co-pilot seats.” – Vanquish Yachts

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