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All the things I wish I knew

– 00:00: Do you know what the hardest part of living onboard is?
– 1:54: Working out on a boat
– 3:05: What I wish we had done faster
– 4:15: One thing that will not change
– 6:27: What to bring onboard
– 8:53: Choosing a sailboat and its equipment
– 10:27: My biggest fear
– 13:17: The hardest part of the sailing lifestyle
– 17:46: My biggest regret

5 years ago, we were two noobs who had just bought a sailboat and were hoping to one day move onboard. We knew no one who owned a sailboat, let alone someone who lived aboard!

Looking back, there are plenty of things that I would do different… And yes, there are as many ways of living a life onboard as there are boats, and these are only my opinions 🙂


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