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Hold on tight as the boat wipes out, heels over, as spinnaker becomes temporally uncontrolled, as foredeck tries to move spinnaker pole from port side to starboard side, this racing sailboat broaches after a hard gybe, and boat pulled over sideways as crew works to release the guy (or the sheet) – but things are tangled or somehow fouled so lines cannot be quickly released. I’m not certain of what was the snag. Enough sea room to sort it out and recover.

Good recovery and the boat finished the race and came in first. (It was the only big boat out on this first April 7 2021 “after work” race on Bellingham Bay organized by Bellingham Yacht Club. byc.org). More racing ahead – the dark season is over.

Educational sailing video regarding the difficulty driving and managing the spinnaker pole during a gybe of a symmetrical spinnaker.

Armchair critics feel free to put comments below! What do you see, what would you have done differently?

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