Home » Chicago to Mackkinac Race 2016 on Beneteau 40.7, Vayu.

Vayu finishes in 2nd place in the 11-boat Beneteau 40.7 section, and 33rd place in the 129-boat Mackinac Cup division. It was an exciting and challenging race with stormy conditions (lightning, rain, high wind) much of the time. We blew out two spinnakers but kept on plugging away.
Crew were: Hannah Green, Ron Buzil, Bryan Hayes, Ed Radzikowski, Tracy Hixon, Lior Cohen, James Judge, Scott Reich, Paul Molenda, Colleen Feeny, Jason Navota, and Wojtek Wolantkowski.
Support crew: Kat Blackburn, Denise Ostrander, and Crystal Ristow.

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