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Checkout Walkthrough Tour of the Excess 12 Catamaran. More Info: [email protected] Denison has the First 4 Excess Catamarans on order for the US Market. This Walkthrough Video is shows Highlights & Features of the New Catamaran. (Accepting Purchase Orders for Early US Spec’ed Hulls) North America Debut at the Annapolis Boat Show! Contact for Viewing Appointments.

Transcript: I am excited to have explored the new Excess Line of Catamaran’s by Group Beneteau last week. Excess made it’s debut at the Cannes Yacht Festival.

You’ll immediately notice the large open Cockpit Design with Outboard Twin Helm Stations. Mechanical Spaces are easily accessable from mechanical spaces under the seats.

Excess is designed to be a Sporty Cruising Catamaran. You’ll notice the nice modern graphics on a striking grey hull with bright colors.

We board the Excess 12 on the Starboard side. She’s extremely easy to board and transit the Helm Stations. Moving forward we move up the Starboard Weather-deck.

You will notice the flush hatches and wide walkway with handrails as we transit to the bow. On the Forepeak with have hatches leading to storage compartments.

There is a large Tent setup on this Excess, illustrating how you can create an area protected from the sun on the bow trampolines while at anchor. Note the Large Secure Trampolines, with Anchor Windlass at the Centerline.

There are Storage Lazarets in front of the vertical Salon Windshield. Here is the Coachroof Ladder that stows into the Coachtop when not in use.

There are large ventilation hatches build into the Forward Salon Window. There are a ton of windows on the Excess 12. You will notice how bright these make the Salon when we are on the interior.

There is a Self-Tacking Jib Traveler, that makes this boat easy to Sail Single-Handed. The Windshield has Massive Visibility.

One thing that I like about this design is the groove in the coachtop that serves as a Grab Hold while we want aft along the Port Weather-deck. You’ll notice that you have plenty of room to walk.

Secure Double Lifelines are sufficiently high, with molded Toe-Rail and Flush Hatches. You’ll see the hatches have Solar Fans built in.

In the Center is the optional Convertible Sunroof that provides protection at anchor or opens for improved Sail Visibility when underway.

Outboard Port is the second helm station. Lines are run through the Cockpit Coaming to the Helms, so this eliminates the possibilities of Tangles or unnecessary tripping hazards.

Note the Cockpit floor is a Single level. This eliminates tripping hazards as well while underway in weather.

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