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*Who are we?*
We are a European couple from Germany (Alex) and the Netherlands (Mandy), sailing around the Med on our 36ft sailboat. 12 months ago we started our journey in Greece with little sailing experience, figuring things out as we go, thinking we know what we are getting ourselves into. Our goal is to circumnavigate the world on our 36ft Beneteau. Sailboat life is super different from land life. It is fantastic and pretty rough at times. see the little things tries to FIND HAPPINESS BY DOING THINGS THAT ARE HARD. Join us on this journey and let’s find happiness together!

If you have any COMMENTS, suggestion, questions or feel to need to praise (or scold) us, leave a comment down below and we’d happily write you back :). Of course a THUMBS UP is ALWAYS APPRECIATED very much so and helps us a lot!

Lottalove Alex & Mandy

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