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I’m Rushell, a travelling island girl and sailor. Today, the 30th March, 2021, I purchased my first “big boat”, a 30ft 1998 Beneteau. She was well loved by her last owner who lived aboard for 12 years and sailed her across the Atlantic at least twice. Since 2013 she’s been resting up in preparation for her new adventure.

While this happened all VERY (very) quickly, I’ve spent much of the last two years trying to make my sailboat dream come through. THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this a reality today.

If you have a dream as I did, I have three bits of advice for you:

1. Luck favours the prepared.
2. Everything in it’s time (I hate this one but it’s true).
3. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Okay and one more, that’s very Trini and frustrates me but has been proved time & time again, “what eh miss yuh, eh pass yuh!”

*The schedule for posting will come soon enough, for now, I’ll post when I can. I’m finishing my undergrad thesis & trying to wrap up my seafood recipe book. So there is a lot going on!

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