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THE START our first sailboat project, with a new teak deck. We do our sailboat project, refitting a Beneteau B57, together with a yard and make it a true sailboat project vlog. Never thought we would be refitting a sailing yacht, let a lone refit sailing yacht Perfect Sense. We started with the teak deck replacement of our Beneteau B57, this is a massive job and true craftsmanship.

Follow our sailing family vlog, sailing a Beneteau and living on a boat with a kid. While working on a boat as well! We call ourselves a business couple sailing around the world. Not the normal liveaboard sailboat, so a little different sailing vlog.

And we wouldn’t be Feel the Breeze family if we hadn’t made a road trip during the weekend when we couldn’t work on the boat. We met this amazing loving Turkish family.

Hope you will enjoy this episode of or sailing family vlog.

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Love you guys! Thanks for watching & Feel the Breeze

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid | sailing family exploring the world

Filming: Rianne & Gerben
Editing: Pedro Wessels


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