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A 1991 Beneteau 35s5 gets a new salon floor with marine grade plywood. The plywood is cut, fit, and re-done, and a new finished applied with epoxy and 2-part polyurethane finish.

*I have no affiliation with any companies, just listing tools used for info purposes:

worm gear Skil saw
Dewalt plunge router and jig
5″ orbital sander
Belt sander
West Systems epoxy 105/207 (3 coats sanded after 2nd & 3rd coat to desired result)
Epifanes 2-part poluyurethane satin finish (3 coats, sanded in between coats with 400+ grit)
Finished up with steel wool #0000 (super fine)
Flooring- World Panel marine plywoods

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