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Cruising Off Duty is back sailing in 2020 and we want to welcome you back on board as we explain our plan to leave this weekend to do a 2-3 week trip to Toronto and back. We will be leaving Kingston and going through the scenic Bay of Quinte then along the north shore of Lake Ontario to Toronto and back. We will be stopping at various towns along the way there and back and showing you all the beautiful views in upcoming episodes. So, be sure to subscribe to the Cruising Off Duty youtube channel so you don’t miss it.

For this episode, we will take you on a tour of our 1994 Beneteau 351which we often refer to as the “Perfect Floating Cottage”. Is this boat something you could live on full time as you cruise around the Caribbean? Sure it is, but as you will see from our tour, we believe it would need some modifications to make it a comfortable full-time liveaboard home.

We plan to sail full time in a few years but we plan to upgrade to a Catamaran. So, Off Duty will remain as-is for us and will continue its perfect role as our comfortable summer cottage on the water.

We hope you enjoy the episode and if you are just thinking of getting into sailing and are looking for advice on what you would need in a boat to get your own “perfect floating cottage” feel free to send Craig an email with any questions at [email protected] Craig will be happy to help steer you in the right direction.

Safe Cruising and stay healthy!
Craig & Janice.

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