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Take a first look at the new model Dufour 470 by Dufour Yachts. This footage was taken during her official launch in La Rochelle in February 2021. Stay tuned for the new model arriving into Australia in April 2021. Find out more: https://yachtsalesco.com/boats/new/sailing-yachts/dufour-470/


When Dufour’s know-how reinvents itself to craft the sailing boat of tomorrow. This results in a 47-footer, which is both beautifully designed and high-performance for incredible thrills.

The Dufour 470 combines both Dufour’s know-how and the brand’s desire to innovate. This model, in line with its predecessor, enjoys the yard’s DNA while offering an edge of sophistication. Its hull design and the fluidity of its deck layout already make it an iconic sailing boat. Dufour continue to maintain a strong connection to their roots by delivering pure performance, classic styling and luxury in an exciting new way.

Three models in one. Let your instinct do the talking…

Easy Version

The “Easy” version is intended for owners and charterers in search of simplicity and comfort. Its elegant movement plan allows great mobility.

Ocean Version

The “Ocean” version suits owners who wish for a more traditional movement plan with the sheets positioned on the coamings and the halyard and mainsail trolley handlings near the helm station.

Performance Version

The “Performance” version is ideal for lovers of thrills and regatteers. With its six high-quality winches, its clew at the rear of the cockpit, and its “Performance” equipment, this model is transformed into a pure racer.

An interior layout in three versions

The Dufour 470 is available in three interior layouts. Every sailor will find what they are seeking, whether it’s sailing with a large or reduced crew. Design innovations allow for an optimum use of space to guarantee simple sailing while retaining very comfortable sleeping areas.

Visit our website to find out more: https://yachtsalesco.com/boats/new/sailing-yachts/dufour-470/

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