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After the lock down period, we finally sailed again with the Dufour 530 Race version. We had already met her in Düsseldorf, but we had to wait to see how she behaved on the water.

What does Race version mean? Oversized mast, bulb up to 2.80 meters of draft and hydraulic vang. Even the weather at Punta Ala was performing with a wind between 18 and 20 knots. And with a hand of reefing on the mainsail and a 108% genoa we sailed between 8 and 9 knots of speed. Very balanced and always very stable on the route.

Close hauled I let go of the rudder and the boat went straight for its course, almost as if it had an automatic pilot. The rudder is always soft, you really only need one finger to adjust it.

The deck equipment is practical: everything is within easy reach. The deck is really “flush”, there are portholes and windows everywhere: there are 12 of them between the deckhouse and the passageways. Many layouts are available for the interiors.
There are up to seven cabins, including the skipper’s one. This is the most “charter” version, where the forward cabin, the owner’s, is split into two twin cabins, with two more on the stern and one to starboard with coach-type beds.

Dufour 530 is certainly a cruise boat, in the standard version, in the cockpit area there is also a sundeck, but the project is by Umberto Felci, who signed the hull and the water lines: The performance is far from disappointing, especially in the Race version, a cruising boat, but fast and made to sail and have fun.

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