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Sailboat Tour & Review of the DUFOUR 460 GL

We do something a little bit different for us today on our channel: we tour and review the 2019 Dufour 460 GL that we chartered in the BVI’s. We take you through the running rigging, exterior features, and interior accommodations. Without going into exhaustive detail, we hit the high points and the low-lights of this particular model. We hope this information will be helpful to anyone who may be considering buying a new/used sailboat, when considering some of the features and functions you’ll want/need in your new-to-you boat.

We fly off to the British Virgin Islands to Charter a Sailboat, Josh is hired to Captain the vessel for a group of new-to-sailing keeners, show them the ropes, expedite a training program based on ASA training syllabus, plus a wealth of knowledge obtained over his lifetime of sailing. Of course, the constraints of time and editing will see some gaps from the viewers perspective as to several aspects of the training, but we try to share some highlights…and there is no shortage of drama to unfold during this mini-series of our time sailing in the BVI’s!

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