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This week I get Alf to do most of the boat chores and Alf explains a few of the things we installed that has allowed us to become self sufficient when living on the boat at anchor. We go for a little sail around Ibiza and try to get to our favourite restaurant – Amante. We FAILED miserably and waited for the tender to drain before attempting to get back to the boat! To make the best out of a bad situation we dropped our dining table and turned the saloon into a cosy cinema room.

We make the most of living on our new boat and being at anchor in Ibiza before sailing back to mainland due to Covid cases spiking again. We feel so lucky that we were able to sail our Catamaran to the Med so quickly and have some down time at anchor during 2020.
Thanks for watching and joining us on our little venture.
See you next week!!

Welcome to our Sailing Vlog – Sailing Coco! After 6 years of renovating boats, we sailed our 33ft Colvic Countess Monohull around the Med. Last year we left London for good and bought a Lucia 40 Fountaine Pajot Catamaran! We’re excited to share our adventures with you and please click the Subscribe Button and Bell if you would like to be notified when we post our latest video!

Stay Safe!
Alfie & Ceylan

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