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Hi Guys! Welcome to our Sailing Vlog – Sailing Coco! After 6 years of renovating boats, we sailed our 33ft Colvic Countess around the Med. Last year we left London for good and bought a Fountaine Pajot Catamaran! We’re excited to share our adventures with you and please click the Subscribe Button and Bell if you would like to be notified when we post our latest video!

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Alfie & Ceylan

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On this episode, we recap on what we’ve been up to since leaving our last boat in Athens! As the Covid Pandemic hit the UK we were tasked with a number of jobs and challenges:
– We moved out of our house and in with Alf’s family in order to keep safe
– Tackled the delays and logistics of receiving our new boat
– Quit Alfie’s job
– Renovated our photography studio whilst being closed during lockdown
– Prepared our house for renting
– Cancelled all plans for Alfie’s 30th Birthday
– Moved our whole lives onto our new boat
– Test sailed our Lucia 40 Catamaran
– Prepared the boat for full time living
– Sold our Old Boat on eBay to some guys in Albania who we still haven’t met yet!
– Moved our wedding because of Covid rules :'(
– and lastly celebrated Ceylan also turning 30!!
…and then set sail non stop to the Med!!!!

This week you’ll see us wrap things up in the UK before casting off and sailing through the Solent, English Channel and Bay of Biscay! It was an emotional one that has a lot of crying coming from Cey …and a little sea sickness from her too! Luckily we didn’t film her actually being sick as it may have made the vlog and it wasn’t a pretty sight to see 🙈 THANKFULLY the sun came out and the seas calmed down by day 4 so we got to celebrate her 30th Birthday in style – sailing across the middle of the Bay of Biscay!

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