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You’re probably aware by now that we are in the market for a sailing catamaran⛵ that will support our family as we sail the world, while being ocean advocates and fighting the ocean plastic crisis!

In this episode we do a walk-thru of a really nice 6 cabin (5 guest cabins + 1 really nice crew cabin) Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 sailing catamaran. We have some discussions during the walk-thru, as well as some afterthoughts on some of the features.

If you’re in the market for a sailing catamaran in the 50ft range, this video could really help introduce you to a very capable cruiser! You’ll see just about everything there is to see (without getting into removing parts of the boat)!

Check out this link to our last episode where we toured a Lagoon 500 – you’ll see us reference this boat several times during this tour! https://youtu.be/CXDEgBKfXG8

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