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Paulo asked for measurements of the foredeck, to see if a Highfield 340 could fit. Ooh, it could be tight. We measure 300cm from the dorade guards to slightly short of the staysail, to allow for the height of the tube at the front of the tender. There was 120cm width between the lifelines, where the nose of the tender would be. So I don’t think it’ll fit if it’s aligned axially with the centreline of the foredeck, but, if you put it on an angle, it could fit. I suggest you make a scale cutout of the foredeck and the tender and see how it looks. I’ll provide better measurements if needed.

Umm, a 340 is pretty big. Heavy too. We chose an AB 10 UL; the biggest of their Ultralite range. From the study I made of all the options it came out on top. Big enough, light enough, sturdy, good UV resistant fabric, not as expensive as an Offshore Cruising Tender. And available! Ours is hanging under the arch. It’s a good fit.

p.s. The iPhone alarm heard in the video was to alert us about the high tide; a spring tide no less. It’s all happening here in Cherbourg!

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