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A catamaran designed for Exploration – Garcia Yachts – ‘NOWHERE YOU CAN’T GO’


A two-hulled version of the “Exploration” concept, the Explocat 52 combines all the benefits of multihulls for an unequalled result: space, safety, comfort, autonomy and performance.

To reconcile what might seem contradictory, to bring together what seemed incompatible, it took all the experience of Garcia Yachts, the know-how of its teams, the intelligence of our partners, architect and designer, to propose a new way to explore the world: the Explocat 52.

Twin aluminium hulls with shallow draft, built to withstand all the hazards of the most magical long-distance voyages, with bows that can brave all storms, in complete serenity, the Explocat 52 is perfectly in line with the historical Garcia lineage.

Handleable by a crew of two, who are always well protected thanks to the intelligence of its unique design, its generous sail area and controlled weight make the miles scroll like never before, in first-class comfort.

A subtle blend of proven solutions and innovations that offer you a truly unique sailing experience, the Explocat 52 is a perfect illustration of the Garcia Yachts’ signature: “There is nowhere you can’t go”.

Key elements of the specifications – FROM POLAR EXPLORATION TO THE TROPICS

Aluminium catamaran
” Ready for anything ” robustness
Fully sheltered pit station

Thermal insulation
Great autonomy
Forward of the mast exterior cockpit

Short handed sailing
Protected cokpit
Ability to cope with severe weather conditions

Ocean crossing capabilities
Watertight front and rear bulkheads
Saloon integrated wheelhouse

Naval architecture
Displaying the Garcia Yachts coat of arms on its hull means it perfectly, and in every respect, meets the qualities required of a sailboat designed to sail independently anywhere on the planet.

The Explocat 52 is no exception to the rule: design, structure and materials are determined so that you can face the most challenging conditions in complete serenity.

With its millimetre-precision deck layout, rigid platform, generous sail plan, serious deck hardware, ergonomic sail handling station offering protection and visibility to a happy crew, the Explocat 52 is the result of thousands of hours of engineering, discussion and reflection, for an exclusive result.

And like the carrying capacity, the water or fuel tanks, the energy sources have also been adapted to meet the most far-off sailing projects, the Explocat 52 is THE catamaran setting new standards for unlimited cruising.

Interior Design
With glazing which offers a panoramic view from every part of the saloon, the Explocat 52 offers all the functional advantages of a catamaran on an exploration yacht.

Reaching the northernmost latitudes, the most remote islands, can be achieved in unequalled comfort. Insulation, equipment, woodwork and upholstery are all to the most exacting standards sailors demand from the Exploration range.

From the interior helm station, you will of course enjoy the magnificent environment around you, keep watch, and be able to maintain your course on your Explocat 52, nicely warm and dry, whatever the weather may be doing.

The dimensions and brightness of the saloon, galley, cabins and bathrooms, in all the configurations offered or in the one you have designed, are unparalleled. Moving around between these different private spaces, or to the outside, directly to the vast aft cockpit, or via the solid watertight door opening onto the forward cockpit, is exceptional.

With the Explocat 52, Garcia Yachts has given the multihull a reputation, that of the most beautiful of programmes: that of infinite possibilities.

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