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It won’t be too long before Snow Gum is in the real Arctic, but for the moment we’ll have to enjoy the ice we get here in Cherbourg. It was a clear, cold night and there’s frost on the coachroof and on the piers. Be careful walking out there!

We had ice on the Lewmar hatches on the inside of the boat and we’ll be wiping the droplets of water as it melts. It’s all part of the adventure. An excellent feature of these Garcia Exploration yachts is the fan forced ventilation system. There are seven extractor fan intakes, working through three fans, sucking moist air out of the boat after sleeping overnight, or while cooking or showering. It’s an excellent feature for a yacht that will journey to cold places. We have the new Scheiber bus control power system in the boat, so if we want we can switch the fans on or off from the nav station. All the other systems too. Very handy.

While I was showing the Webasto heater outlet near the pilot berth, the noise heard was coming from a small electric fan heater we also had running at the top of the stairs. The Webasto fans themselves are very quiet, much quieter than the electric fan. I highly recommend the optional hydronic version of the Webasto heater. It costs a bit, but I think it’s worth it. We actually haven’t been running it all that much but it’s brilliant on mornings like this.

Let me know if there’s other systems or features you’d like to see, before I get to them in due course.

Edit – copied here from a comment: Note that the particular extractor fan you can hear in this video is making more noise than it should. New fans do that sometimes. Garcia’s manager visited us in the marina a few days ago and he heard the fan. We were pleasantly surprised when a Garcia team member brought a replacement fan around to us that afternoon. It’s easy to swap over; I insisted that I would do it myself and check that my tools are working in the process. Easy boat jobs are fun to do.

Regards, Rick.

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