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In a comment Roberto asked how his 187cm height would fit inside a Garcia Exploration 45. Now we’re not suggesting his head looks like three cork coasters and a peg bag, but that’s the best we could find to simulate a gentleman of his proportions. Please note that heads are normally round at the top, not square like Hermann Munster (try Google images), but if you do look like this Roberto, you could be in the movies! 🙂

Also note that we’ve watched gentlemen as tall as 190cm move around inside this boat with complete ease. One of Garcia’s sales reps is even taller – ask for his thoughts. 🙂

We’ve quickly measured some actual ceiling heights:

– front cabin at base of bed: 183.5cm
– front heads compartment: 178.5cm
– third step down from galley going forward, next to freezer: 183cm
– top of stairs at corner of nav station: 188.5cm
– bottom of companion way stairs to grab handle: 196.5cm
– aft cabin doorway: 178cm
– aft cabin standing area: 201.5cm
– aft heads doorway: 189cm
– aft heads compartment: 192cm
– tech room door: 144cm. Ouch! Be careful.
– tech room: 147cm
– aft heads shower, Comfort Version: 196.5cm
– center of galley: 193cm
– stepping up to saloon table: 169cm

The length of the front cabin mattresses is 198cm. It’s the same for the aft cabin mattresses. The saloon sofa can make a sleeping position that is 228cm long.

Please let me know if there’s other measurements you’d like. Regards, Rick.

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