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In this sailing vlog we take you with us to Valencia where our sailboat is being refitted. We show you the interior of our SAILBOAT HANSE 430e. The sailboat is baptized and we had our first SAILING FAIL … a broach.

Hi! Welcome to our 4th Sailing Vlog. Between Christmas and New Year’s we went to Valencia, where our sailing boat Stardust is being refitted. We arranged the paperwork, the boat berth in Valencia Mar and had our FIRST SAILING EXPERIENCE! What a pleasant boat she is. Stardust goes fast, steady and easy to handle.

We give you a look behind the scenes of preparing our sailboat for our Mediterranean Summer Route (Summer 2021). We placed the logo / lettering / name on the sailboat. The water pump broke and was fixed very easily thanks to Alberto! He is the mechanic in Valencia Mar who helps us getting the boat REFITTED.

We give you an in-depth INTERIOR TOUR of our HANSE 430e of 2007. Our boat was then baptized on New Year’s Eve and we had some nice Spanish tapas in celebration.

We went sailing for the first time on the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia, Spain with sunny weather and STRONG WINDS. Because of that we had an EPIC SAILING FAIL. Charlotte lost the steer due to a sudden gust of wind or broach as they call it. But all ended well as Henry came to the rescue!

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Charlotte & Henry & Bowie

Stardust On The Ocean
A sailing adventure by Charlotte, Henry and Bowie ⛵️

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