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Eileen and I are searching for a sailboat to purchase and sail the world. Join us in Islamorada Key, Florida as we share our sailboat search which began in May and continues even now, as we near a final decision. Please try and guess which of the five we will choose and why.

Eileen and I love to travel and share entertaining and helpful information with friends and family. Previously, it was by email; however, although it takes more time and effort, a video is a much richer and engaging medium so that is why we have switched to YouTube. In addition, we now have the added bonus of you as a viewer and we look forward to getting to know you and what you are interested in, so please comment often.

All we ask is that you have patience with us as we improve our video creating skills and please tell us what you would like to see for future content. Hopefully, you will be as BLOWN AWAY watching as we were experiencing and producing our adventures for you!

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