Home » found some SUPyaks!!! New toys for our Lagoon 380 catamaran, “Inna Peace”.

We have been discussing which toy we want the most, kayaks or SUP’s so off to the Bauhaus in Split, Croatia we went. While I was looking for certain items Eric’s task was to compare SUP’s AND kayaks. I was leaning more towards kayaks and he was leaning more towards SUP’s. When I finally made it over to where the water toys were, lo and behold Eric had found these awesome SUP/Kayak combo inflatables!! we are so stoked because we can use then as either a kayak or a SUP, deflate them and keep them in our forepeak instead of tying them to the lifelines, they are soft for when I crash and won’t bang into the hull. We are just way over excited!! They were VERY reasonably priced and well…..it feels like Christmas!! Now we cannot wait to pick up Falicia and Kai, get away from the city and out to these beautiful Croatian islands which are stock full of wilderness gunkholes and into some clean water where we can play on them!!! Whoot Whoot!!!

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