Home » Pandora’s Box on our Lagoon 380 Catamaran, “Inna Peace”.

Oh Man!!! Is this a blessing or a curse?? We were hoping to scratch things OFF the list not add more!!! We feel like we literally opened Pandora’s Box. Well, not QUITE that bad but a pain in the keester no matter how you look at it. Thankful for rainy days to show us where, why and how the water leaked into our galley cabinet. No one likes to see standing water underneath their dishes…..
Good news is, we found it before we splash and we learn winch cleaning and maintenance a bit earlier than expected. We knew the winches would need servicing we had just hoped we would have more time to learn HOW to service them. Procrastinators……
Thank you for YouTube DIY videos!! Putting our boat on the hard for the winter is……not what we want to do again. It is much better than keeping her in a slip but…..we don’t want to leave her for more than a week or two EVER again. Heading for southern latitudes this next winter……we are such wimps….Hawaiian Style…..slippas and pareos…..

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