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I’m in way over my head, but there’s no turning back now. The bulkheads in our Lagoon 450 just aren’t salvageable and the only way forward is to haulout and straighten our severely bent catamaran. @Sailing Parlay Revival helps me every step of the way—there’s no way this would be possible without them. Thank you Colin and Jamie for saving my catamaran!

We straightened 15 tons of boat with some crazy techniques and it couldn’t have gone better! I was so incredibly stoked — it’s difficult to describe how great it felt to see the boat slowly shift back into its original form. The deck, walls, and woodwork all straighten out into their former glory.

Thank you guys so much for your support and sorry for being so slow at editing these videos! I’m back in Texas for a few weeks so I’ll be knocking them out every week.

Lagoon/Beneteau! Please help me fix my bulkheads, they’re not supposed to be like this! Please don’t abandon your most loyal customer!

Reach out on instagram or facebook if you want to chat:

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