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Who’s boat is this? Why are we drilling 3″ holes in BOTH of the hulls? Three words: forward looking sonar. Watch as we install a $13,000 3D sonar system in this HUGE cat. ** Secret news: I will be spending 2 weeks on this boat as captain of the shakedown cruise to help out the new owners. Coming soon… Stay tuned!

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00:00-00:35 Intro
00:35-2:01 Drilling the holes
2:01-4:20 Mixing the epoxy
4:20-5:19 First layer
5:19-6:17 Mixing second layer
6:17-6:58 Second layer
6:58-8:16 Fairing coat
8:16-8:53 Sanding and finishing
8:53-9:48 Secret News
9:48-10:09 Outro

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