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In this episode we visit the shipyard where our boat is built and we talk to Patrick the sales manager about our boat and the newer model and the Wauquiez history and brand. Then we go for a tour around the factory shipyard. Where we get to see 3 of the current models the Wauquiez 42 PS, 48 PS and a Centurion 58 being built and of cause we have a look inside in all 3 of them.

Special thanks to Wauquiez and Patrik that allowed us to come and film, we also thank all the workers that appair in the background. We also want to say that Sailing Yacht Fridá af Wisby is not sponsored by Wauquiez.

We are a middle aged couple that has left our hectic business lives to go sailing with our boat Fridá af Wisby and our cat Litza.

The sailing in our home water the Baltic Sea is part of our preparation to sail to the Mediterranean Sea.

Anders has been at the sea most of his life and sailed for the Swedish national dingy sailing team as a young man. Gitte has also grown up with boat and spent every summer sailing with her father as a teenager but made a pause of about 15 years without sailing as an adult, had just begun to pick-up the interest before she meet Anders a 4 years ago. Onboard we also have our cat Litza a 3 year old Devon Rex we call her the cattain because cats always decide over their humans.

Litza is a Devon Rex cat and she is the real cattain aboard.

Fridá af Wisby is a Wauquiez 47 pilot saloon that we Gitte and Anders bought in UK in 2019 and that we have sailed to Gotland and in season 1 2020 we sail in the Baltic Sea.

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